Family Law

Separating with a spouse is a stressful and complicated time during a person’s life. Pun & Jiang Law is experienced with counseling and guiding clients through the intricacies of the BC family law regime. Whether you are married or in a common law relationship, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyers at Pun & Jiang Law will protect your rights and ensure that you achieve your goals through the separation process.

If you have a (relatively) reasonable spouse, Pun & Jiang Law can work with you while you negotiate the terms of a separation agreement:

  1. Determining parenting arrangements for children.
  2. Calculating child support payable.
  3. Calculating spousal support payable
  4. Determining the division of family property and family debt

If your spouse is not willing to settle or just being unreasonable, the lawyers at Pun & Jiang Law are ready to fight for you in court. Pun & Jiang Law understands that you and your children may be facing special circumstances that may make it seem like settlement is impossible. We have experience in handling a variety of matters that is more common that it may seem. If you are looking for a family lawyer that has experience with the following family law issues, Pun & Jiang Law can assist:

Family Violence

  • Pun & Jiang Law has successfully obtained Protection Orders and Orders for the Exclusive Occupancy of the family residence from the Supreme Court of BC

Parenting Arrangements

  • You or your spouse wish to return to China with the children
  • You and your spouse both want sole custody of the children

Child Support & Spousal Support

  • You do not know what your spouse earns in a year, they keep their finances secret
  • Your spouse is refusing to work so they can pay less spousal support
  • You or your spouse has undeclared cash income
  • Your spouse is refusing to pay support

Division of Family Property

  • Your spouse is dissipating family assets, or your spouse has a history of gambling
  • Your spouse is trying to hide family property
  • You or your spouse has a family business (in British Columbia, China, or worldwide)
  • You or your spouse’s parents purchased the family residence
  • You or your spouse’s parents subsidized your family living expenses

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